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$169.15 Price per month (annual membership)
$199.00 if paid monthly

Ideal for: Users that don't have much 1-way/SOC experience and want to test the value of xChange.

  • No transaction fees
  • Basic visibility on profiles
  • Up to 10 containers/ month*
  • 1 user account
  • -
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$339.15 Price per month (annual membership)
$399.00 if paid monthly

Ideal for: Users that have some 1-way/SOC experience, want to increase their business and looking to buy/sell containers from time to time
Most popular
  • No transaction fees
  • 100% visibility on profiles
  • Up to 100 containers/ month*
  • 5 user accounts
  • -
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Talk to us Ideal for: Users that need more customization, logins and/or have higher volumes.

Top-100 container liners, Top-15 leasing companies, Top-100 Freight Forwarders can only choose this option.

  • No transaction fees
  • 100% visibility on profiles
  • Unlimited number of containers*
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • -
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Join 300+ other forwarders, NVOs and container owners

“We’re having all our one-way containers run through xChange including total loss insurance.”

“xChange helps us find hundreds of global one-way partners to balance our inventories.”

“During the few months that we have used xChange, we have saved more than 40,000 EUR.”

“The hassle free sourcing of new equipment allows us to move more containers in less time!”

For Container Owners

Oceanbox decreased their customer response time from weeks to minutes using xChange

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For Container Users

How VMR Lines turns speed into their biggest advantage finding equipment on xChange

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COVID-19 | How Indus remains competitive through substituting their own fleet with one-way moves

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Parameters Basic Professional
Price per month if paid annually (15% off) $169.15 $339.15
Price per month (annual membership) $199.00 $399.00
Minimum membership 12 months 12 months
Transaction fee 0 USD 0 USD
*Max. container under management
subject to xChange credit (also applies to enterprise plan)
10 (automatic upgrade to „Professional“ thereafter) 100
Max. # of users 1 5
Market visibility 100% visibility on matches 100% visibility on matches
Company profile access Basic visibility on profiles 100% visibility on profiles
Wallet Included Included
Trading (value = $190/ month) Not included Included
Tracking Included Included
Dedicated Success Manager Not included Not included
Custom analytics report Not included Not included

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