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Find SOC containers in 2500 locations and identify partners that move your containers to where you really need them.

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Gain transparency on supply and demand in container logistics

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Find SOC containers in 2500 locations and avoid Demurrage & Detention.

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Find partners that reposition your containers to where you really need them.

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NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders use xChange to 

  • Gain market transparency and find out who has which equipment where

  • Reduce Demurrage & Detention charges and increase their flexibility with SOC Containers

  • Avoid high freight rates for COC Containers even at hinterland locations

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Traders, Carriers and LeasCos use xChange to

  • Reduce empty container moves and avoid costly storage or repair charges

  • Find out who is reliable and trustworthy so you can trust him your assets

  • Monitor container status, release, redelivery and repairs in one overview

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“We’re having all our one-way containers run through xChange including total loss insurance.”

“xChange helps us find hundreds of global one-way partners to balance our inventories.”

“During the few months that we have used xChange, we have saved more than 40,000 EUR.”

“We have already expanded our one-way business to India with the help of xChange!”