Container Availability Index

Monitor the availability of containers for better container repositioning and trading decisions.

CAx | Year on Year 


A CAx value of 0.5 means that the same amount of containers leave and enter a port in the same week. CAx values of > 0.5 means that more containers enter and CAx values of < 0.5 means more containers leave a specific port.

At very low CAx values the safety stock at a specific port is nearly empty. As a result, the CAx values turn positive again as only the containers that enter a port can leave again. At very high equipment levels, CAx values are likely to decrease again as a port has to reduce its safety stock first before they can accept new incoming containers.

Low CAx values over a time period of multiple weeks indicate a deficit of containers, high values over a time period of multiple weeks indicate a surplus of equipment at a specific port.

The CAx covers SOC and COC Containers.

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CAx Premium

Get Access to 63 Locations

Want to access the underlying container availability data, export it and use it for custom analyses?

You can now get access to container availability data for 63 (!) port locations, use custom filters and have your dashboard updated every Wednesday.

CAx Premium is ideal for shipping companies or logistics analysts who want to add container availability to their reporting.

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CAx Premium

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