Membership Agreement

Welcome to the xChange online signup form. In order to gain access to the xChange platform, we ask you to read the terms and conditions below and acknowledge these by signing in the highlighted area (you can use your computer mouse to do so).

Access to the Platform and usage of its functionalities will be granted for a minimum period of twelve (12) months at the commercial terms and conditions as detailed in Appendix [A]. All amounts are payable within 30 days of the date of invoice; all fees are stated net of VAT and subject to reverse charge in your country (Art. 196 of the EU VAT Directive).These Commercial Terms and Appendix [A] are subject and supplemental to and governed by the Platform Terms of Use. All new members are subject to a vetting process conducted by xChange.

Yes, I want all my transactions insured against total loss of the container
Prices available online (Link), starting from 2.50 USD per container per journey


Yes, I want to pay ...

$169.15/ month - Upfront payment (min. 12 months) to save 15% on membership fees
$199.00/ month - Monthly payment


Yes, I would like to book a premium onboarding package to increase my performance from day 1:
All details with regards to premium onboarding packages and prices available online Link. If no package is selected, the Silver onboarding package will be selected for you.


Standard (0 USD): Basic company setup and self-training
Silver (500 USD): Customized company setup, personal onboarding, priority assistance
Gold (2000 USD): Silver + Multi-language trainings, customized alerts and APIs/EDIs
Platinum (2500 USD plus 4000 USD per office visit): Gold + concierge service & on-site training


Yes, I want free mutual marketing support, a feature on LinkedIn and a press release


By filling in your details and signing below, you confirm to have read and understood the above terms as well as Appendix A. You explicitly agree to enter into a membership agreement with xChange Solutions GmbH.:

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Appendix A – Pricing Sheet and Conditions



Base Fee


  • US$199 per month list price (monthly payment)
  • US$169.15 per month (upfront payment)

Transaction Fee


  • US$ 0 per unit





  • Minimum contract period: Contract cannot be cancelled until the end of the twelve (12) months of paid membership
  • After the initial twelve (12) months of paid membership, the contract will prolong for another twelve (12) months unless cancelled by either party 15 days prior to the end of the last month in writing
  • Rebates will be credited at the end of the chosen billing period as a backward-looking kickback
  • Up to 10 containers under management, automatically upgraded to professional plan ($399.00/ month) thereafter
  • 1 user account