The Cooperative Logistics Network

Cooperating to succeed

The Cooperative Logistics Network is a collaborative alliance of over 300 hand-picked freight forwarders represented in more than 130 countries who work together to grow their businesses and serve their clients worldwide.

The Cooperative vision is to link together like-minded independent forwarders from all over the world in a network that will allow them to on a global scale with a global presence, trustworthy partners, a well-attended Meeting, etc. The Cooperative Logistics Network also offers its members the opportunity of being pioneers in digitalizing their freight services and working as Digital Forwarders through its exclusive TMS: FreightViewer.

Member benefits

Leading Local Forwarders

An international freight network is only as strong as its weakest link. Our strict selection process aims to ensure that there are no weak links across the group and that the standard of all our members is universally high

Digital Freight Forwader

FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure that helps you generate quotes within seconds. Not only it reduces the processing time but also offers pinpoint precision while quoting

Impressive Global Presence

Our members are able to work co-operatively to serve clients globally, wherever in the world they need to send a shipment

Payment Protection

The Coop offers protection against unpaid invoices. In the rare event of an unpaid invoice from another member, the PPP will release funds to compensate you against this lost money

Faster Quotation

Current local origin/destination charges for each member can be published on the password-protected intranet for all members to see, enabling members to respond faster and provide better value services

Lower Carrier & Insurer Rates

As we now reach a critical mass of members, their aggregate volume will shortly be used to negotiate lower rates from airlines, shipping lines and insurers