You don’t have to call several partners anymore to organize a one-way container move/ SOC! Gain instant transparency and take the best offer available from more than 200 partners – within seconds!

In recent years, SOCs (shipper owned containers) see a huge demand from NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders amongst other companies in container shipping. Compared to Carrier owned containers (COC’s), SOCs offer for example benefits such as cost-saving and availability in difficult destinations. (To know more about the differences and advantages of SOCs and COCs, click here)

Shipping companies understanding the advantages of using SOCs do sometimes struggle with finding them. We have good news! Using third-party containers on a one-way basis is very easy now thanks to our online platform that puts you in a direct contact with users or suppliers of containers.

Container xChange is the world’s first online platform for one-way container moves and SOCs. We work with more than 200+ partners worldwide in more than 2500 locations. We will introduce you to smart search in this article, and show you how easy it is to find suitable partners for your one-way.

Search containers as easy as booking a flight 



The search engine is located on the top left side inside the members area. No matter if you are looking to supply or use containers, the search engine helps you find suitable partners. Carriers, Traders and Leasing companies can select “I want to supply containers!” and find Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs that are in need and vice versa.

After that, you include your pickup and drop-off locations. You can select either one specific location (e.g. China, Shanghai) or an area in general (e.g. Europe North). Then you select the standard equipment type (20DC, 40DC, 40HC, 45HC) and include the amount of container you want to supply or use in the count box.

In case you look for a different type of container (more information about different types of containers here), then click on “Looking for special equipment” and you will be provided by a number of different types.


– Open top container has a solid removable top that enables to load too big or heavy cargo from the top.

– Side door container opens out fully and enables access to the entire length of the container.

– Reefer is a short form of refrigerated container and has its own cooling system.

– Pallet wide container is slightly wider than a standard container to load Euro pallets and mostly used in Europe.

– A Double door container has double doors on both shorts ends and paves the way for loading and unloading.

– Flat rack container is used for oversized cargo that does not fit to a standard container.

– High Cube Specials are almost the same with Specials, but a little bit higher compared to them.

Now let’s say we want to supply containers from Shanghai, China to North Europe. Results show us the numbers of matches or in other words companies that can use the containers we provide. Using the Company Filter, you can choose the type of company or specific partners you would like to work with.

In the Drop-off Filter, you can tick off the drop-off locations of your containers. Right under the filters, you will have the list of results that correspond to your search. Here you see the names of companies, their company type and the drop-off locations that they can use containers. The BIMCO sign beside the company type depicts whether the company is part of the xChange Multiparty Interchange Agreement.

Gain market transparency with the xChange newsfeed

One of the nice features on the xChange platform is Newsfeed section. Imagine this as Homepage of Facebook. It is a personalized stream of interesting and urgent demands and supply. Companies looking for or supplying containers can announce their requests to increase the probability of finding partners as soon as possible.

The process as simple as clicking “Post to newsfeed” and inserting your requirements. Moreover, you can scroll down the Newsfeed, find suitable matches and monitor the market to learn about opportunities.

xChange generates AI-Proposals

Proposals section is your personalized to-do list. Thanks to our Smart Search engine, this section displays offerings according to your previous search queries. Here, you can create a request for a recommendation, edit or delete the recommendation.

Our online platform for one-way container moves makes it efficient and simple for you to use and supply third-party SOCs and track them along the way. Finding SOCs had never been so easy! If you have any further inquiries, our Customer Success Team is always ready to help you with all your questions.