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Just type in your pick-up and dropoff location, select if you want to supply or use containers and get a list of potential partners for your stretches within seconds.

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The smart search to find new partners

Search for standard and special equipment in more than 2500 locations worldwide. You can use it for specific stretches, for instance, from Singapore to Jebel Ali or to monitor the market and identify opportunities, for instance, if you have to get boxes out of Hamburg and the drop-off location is not your first priority. Our priority number one is data privacy, as a member of xChange you’re obviously not able to get see your competitors stock.

Our mini version of LinkedIn or Twitter

To increase your chances, use the newsfeed to find hot requests tailored to your needs or share your own requirements to it to increase reach. If you have bigger lists, just bulk upload them to xChange to find new partners on multiple stretches easily.

From Rapid Bookings to Smart Contracts

Using search you can find common results that allow you to make an offer to the potential partner. Rapid Booking results have fixed terms – these can be booked right away without any negotiations.

If you have regular business with a specific partner you can add your contracts to our Smart Contract feature. This allows you to do repeat-transactions with your most frequent partners all with one click.

Gain Transparency in Container Logistics

Let us show you how the platforms works for free and join +300 forwarders, NVOs and container owners on xChange now.