Automate your container
tracking with MyFleet!

Have all your containers and releases in one place, track your entire fleet and receive tracking alerts in case anything requires your attention.

Monitor container fleet and the release progress

Instead of checking each carrier website, use the MyFleet real-time overview to monitor all the containers – not only containers that you transact through xChange but all containers that you have in your fleet and/or on-hire.

Have all your pickup and drop-off references in one place, monitor each step of the journey and download tracking reports to easily share your data with your partners and carry out different analysis.

Act on tracking alerts to move things forward

Get notified in case something looks strange e.g. containers go into the wrong location and have not moved in the last 30 days or get a notification 7 days before your containers arrive at the desired destination.

All your containers in one place

Have all your pickup and drop-off references online

Gain real-time overview for all your containers

Receive container tracking alerts and notifications

Be up-to-date on ETAs, container moves and shipping details

Track even containers transacted outside xChange

Download all tracking information to an excel file

Want better tracking?

Let us show you how the platforms works for free and join +300 forwarders, NVOs and container owners on xChange now.