Performance ratings, partner reviews and vetting process

Your company profile helps potential partners learn more about your company. The better it is the higher your chance of getting good deals on the platform.

Partner reviews

To learn more about a potential partner, look at who they worked with in the past and how their partners have reviewed them. 5 stars is the best possible rating and can be achieved through: good communications, release speed, container condition as described, return speed and pickup speed.

Performance ratings

Before you work with a partner, check their performance overview to find out if they reply quickly, releases quickly, picks-up on time and is committed to keeping their data updated.

The xChange vetting process explained

We run a comprehensive vetting process to make sure you only work with trustworthy partners. As part of the vetting process we ask for company registration documents, liability insurance, financial audits as well as references, passport copies and every company signs our multiparty interchange agreement.

Show the world how trustworthy you are

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