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Browse the market

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Reduce your effort

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Browse the market

Smart search

Our search engine not only displays relevant results – it also learns from your search queries to help our algorithm generate relevant proposals for you.You can either search for specific port-to-port stretches or hunt for opportunities if you e.g. have containers available in China and want to see where you can move them to

Data-powered proposals

Proposals are system-generated suggestions for new transactions: Our algorithm continuously looks for potential matches based on the data you provide and your previous search queries—and then publishes those for you.

Proposals are located below your requests und you can easily accept, decline or edit them. Remember: Until you convert a proposal into a request, only you can see this!


Similar to sending requests to individual partners, you can share your requirements to use or supply containers straight to the newsfeed in order to increase reach. You have a special request? Need an agent, a depot or want to share something else with our network? Reach out to our service team – they’ll put it up on the newsfeed

Reduce your effort

Online negotiation

We made it easy to negotiate between suppliers and users of containers. You can use chat to negotiate terms such as free-days, per diem fee, damage protection plan and pick-up charges. Changes to the terms will be monitored in activity log for you to never lose sight of anything. The deal is closed once both parties agreed to the same terms.


xChange keeps track of all of your containers and provides you with unprecedented fleet visibility including ETAs, partner reliability and delay warnings. Members can even define their own alert triggers for e.g. misused containers. On request, we can also track containers that have not been transacted on xChange!

Data connection

Connect with us, we can handle any API and EDI standard from your organization—we of course also work with ODBC on request. This will not only save your time, but with external data integration you will receive better and more accurate results on xChange

Be safe and secure

Multiparty Agreement

Upon entering the xChange network, all members sign our xChange/ BIMCO Multiparty Agreement. Having every party on the same contractual framework creates trust and saves time (imagine you would have to negotiate a bilateral contract for every single transaction!)


Don’t worry about organizing bilateral invoicing – send the invoice to xChange, we check and credit/ debit on your account immediately. All pickup fees and per diems are secured and you even safe money as we only charge a small fee for (compared to tremendous international banking fees!)


We offer optional insurance for all containers transacted through xChange. The insurance has global coverage for total loss, constructive total loss and mysterious disappearance – and increases the level of trust when doing business through xChange. Of course you can also insure containers that have not been transacted on xChange!

Surveying Service

You need a 3rd party approval? No problem, book a surveyor through xChange to be absolutely sure about the container condition prior to picking it up. On request, our surveyors also arrange for CSC certificates!

Container xChange has offices in Hamburg (Germany) and a small office in Surabaya (Indonesia)

Real people support

xChange is more than just online transactions – we are real people sitting in Hamburg, Germany and Surabaya, Indonesia. Our customer team consists of experienced logistics experts whose daily objective is to help you succeed on xChange.