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“We’re having all our one-way containers run through xChange including total loss insurance.”

“xChange helps us find hundreds of global one-way partners to balance our inventories.”

“During the few months that we have used xChange, we have saved more than 40,000 EUR.”

“We have already expanded our one-way business to India with the help of xChange!”

“We move more SOC containers!”

Before joining, Khurram had to organize one-way container moves manually, now he saves a lot of time by having some of the error prone tasks automated.

The hassle free sourcing of new equipment allows the company to easily expand their business and move more containers in the same amount of time.

“We’ve reduced container repositioning costs by 70%!”

Before joining the platform, the most annoying part was getting in touch with the person responsible for equipment handling – especially at big companies, that took iCON weeks.

Now they have 300+ potential partners only a few clicks away, which is priceless in an industry where timing and speed is everything.

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