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      About the port

      The port of Singapore is a transhipment hub. It’s also one of the few ports worldwide, where more than 37 million containers go through every year.

      The port of Singapore is one of the busiest in the world. In 2019 the port handled around 37.2 million TEUs. And every year there are approximately 130,000 vessel calls at the port. With this vast amount of traffic, it’s no surprise that many containers find their way to Singapore.

      Singapore has 2 major commercial port terminals: PSA Corporation Ltd. and Jurong port. Other terminals are located at Brani, Keppel, Jurong, Pasir Panjang, Sembawang, and Tanjong Pagar. They can harbor all types of vessels like container ships, ro-ro ships, cargo freights, coasters, etc. Fully integrated with advanced facilities, these ports are managed by PSA Singapore Terminals (managing the major share of container handling) and Jurong Port Pte Ltd. (bulk and conventional cargo terminal operator).

      The largest terminals

      The PSA Terminal has 4 container terminals with 52 berths at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, and Brani. The newest terminal, Pasir Panjang, has a dedicated car terminal and handles mega container vessels of 13,000 TEUs or more — with quay cranes that can reach over 20 rows of containers. It also has remote controlled bridge cranes allowing operators to handle up to 6 cranes at a time. This terminal is transforming into a major vehicle transshipment hub for the region.

      Jurong Port is the main bulk and conventional cargo gateway for Singapore and the surrounding region. It has multipurpose abilities to handle various kinds of cargo products like steel, tin, cement, project cargo, copper slag, etc. Having a large network of pipelines and conveyors systems, this port is environment-friendly in discharge and loading.

      Being at the crossroad of sea trade, the Singapore port is the most preferred port for trade handling a stream of operations. This is an intelligent port with fully integrated technology into the port’s infrastructure and functioning, making it secure, safe, and speedy.

      Available containers in Singapore

      Often, members at our online platform xChange have containers in Singapore. In the public search below, you can see a section of where some of the xChange members are looking to get their containers in Singapore moved to.

      According to the Container Availability Index (CAx), there is normally a small surplus of containers in Singapore. This means, that it usually shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get your hands on containers here.

      For a country like Singapore, natural resources are scarce. That makes it necessary to have a high level of import. At the same time, Singapore is a large exporter of products after they have been refined or reshaped. Some of the big productions are oil refining and wafer fabrication.

      Despite the norm being a surplus of containers in Singapore, the picture has been different since the beginning of March 2020. Since March, the number of containers in Singapore has decreased week for week. Showing a different picture than last year, where there was a surplus of containers.

      If you’re looking for containers in Singapore, xChange can help you. All you have to do is put in your pick-up and drop-off location in our public search. In a matter of seconds, you will get a list of containers waiting to be put to use.

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