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      About the port

      The 2nd busiest container terminal in the United States, the Port of Long Beach is located in California. A transhipment hub, the estimated value of the total import and exports from the port is more than $100 billion annually.

      Also called The Harbor Department of the City of Long Beach, this port is more than 100 years old and was honored as “America’s most modern port” in 1946. And it has stayed true to its name. Currently, it has expanded to more than 7,600 acres of the area — with the most advanced cargo terminals, yards, shipping channels, intermodal vehicle passage, etc.

      A premier gateway for the transpacific and Asian trade, the Long Beach Port handled more than 8 million container units in 2018. Cargo passing through this port include automobiles, steel, cement, petroleum, wood, clothing, etc. According to data, 1 out of 5 containers moving through the United States pass through the Long Beach port.

      The Terminals

      Long Beach port has 7 main container terminals – Pier T, Pier G, Pier F, Pier E, Pier J, Pier A, and Pier C.

      Pier T (berths T132-T140) is managed by the Total Terminals International (TTI). Having 14 gantry cranes with an outreach capacity of 22 containers across, it also has more than 1800 reefer outlets and on-dock rail facility. It has a capacity of 18,000 TEUs annually.

      Pier G (berths G226-G236) is operated by the International Transportation Service (ITS). Spread over 100 hectares of land, this terminal handles general cargo containers. It has a ship handling capacity of 14,000 TEUs annually. It is well equipped with chassis slots, gantry cranes, transtainers, and also has on-dock rail service.

      Pier F (berths F6-F10) has a ground capacity for 10,000 TEUs, equipped with 7 gantry cranes (with an outreach of up to 22 containers across). It is operated by the Long Beach Container Terminal Inc. (LBCT), along with Pier E (berths E24-E26). Both of them handle general containerized cargo. It has a handling capacity of 22,000 TEUs annually.

      Pier E & F are currently undergoing renovation under the name “Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project”. It would combine both of them into one terminal and transform it into one of the most advanced, greenest, and cleanest container terminals in the region. Upon completion, it is said to increase its handling capacity to 3.3 million TEUs.

      Pier J (berths J243-J247; J266-J270), operated by Pacific Container Terminal (PCT), handles general cargo containers as well. It has 14 gantry cranes and offers comprehensive reefer services. The terminal also has facilities for container and chassis repair.

      Pier A (berths A88-A96) is operated by SSA Terminals (SSAT), also handling general cargo containers. It has a handling capacity of 9,500 TEUs and has close to 30 entry/exit points ensuring faster and smoother operations. Pier C (berths C60-C62) of the SSAT handles containerized cargo, especially automobiles. It also has an off-dock container yard for storage and loading/unloading. Both of them have on-dock intermodal rail facilities.

      Container Availability in Long Beach

      All the container terminals at the Port of Long Beach are automated, equipped with the most advanced technologies, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Along with containerized cargo, the port also has separate terminals for dry bulk cargo, break-bulk, Ro-Ro vessels, and oversized cargo. 

      The Port of Long Beach is vital to the economy of the region. It provides 1.4 million jobs, generates huge tax revenue, and supports import/export and manufacturing businesses across the country. With its recent adoption of the Green Port Policy, the Long Beach port is leading the world with its pioneering attempts at innovation, automation, as well as sustainability.

      The port is expanding and is being modernized. The container terminals are being fitted with shore power, so the vessels arriving at the port can source the power from land while docking, rather than burning fuel — decreasing air pollution and thus, promoting green sources of energy.

      You can find containers in Long Beach through our members at the online xChange platform. In the public search, you can see where some of the xChange members are looking to get their containers moved to from the port of Long Beach.

      According to the Container Availability Index (CAx), the port is usually in a container deficit, making them relatively harder to find.

      The port authorities are working towards making it one of the most sustainable ports. They reached compliance with an air pollution mandate in 2004. As one of the measures, they are using enclosed conveyors and covered storage areas to handle petroleum coke (one of the most polluting and most exported products), which reduced the dust emitted significantly.

      The Long Beach port is working to become one of the most technologically advanced container terminals in the world. They also host a public outreach program called “Let’s Talk Port” where members of the community can ask questions, learn about the port, and provide suggestions.

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