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      About the port

      The Port of Hamburg is Europe’s third-largest and busiest port. It hosts more than 8,000 vessels annually and reportedly managed about 9.3 million TEUs in 2019.

      Called the country’s “Gateway to the World”, the port of Hamburg is one of the most flexible, high-performance ports in the world. This 830-year-old port is equipped with all the modern technologies and has about 300 berths, more than 2,300 freight trains weekly, 4 container terminals, and special facilities to handle all kinds of bulk cargo with 7,300 logistics companies in the city.

      The terminals

      The port of Hamburg has 4 container terminals located at Burchardkai, Altenwerder, Tollerort, (managed by Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG or HHLA) and Eurogate.

      Burchardkai is the oldest and largest container handling terminal in Hamburg with 9 berths and a handling capacity of 20,000 TEUs daily. Along with efficient container handling, it offers storage space and automatic container block storage as well. It has 27 container gantries with modern twin-fork container cranes, 700 reefer connections, and container freight terminal.

      Handling 100s of containers daily, this terminal is well integrated with the European rail network as well as inland waterways and roadways too. It has all the container warehousing and handling facilities including cleaning, stuffing, discharge/stripping; and also quality inspection, degassing, assembly, counting, packing, stowing, sampling, securing, among other services.

      Altenwerder is one of the most efficient and updated container terminals in the world with almost all its processes being automated. It is integrated with Driverless Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to move the containers and software-controlled portal cranes to sort them automatically into storage blocks. It has 4 berths, and 15 container gantry cranes with a daily handling capacity of 14,000 TEUs.

      Tollerort has the smallest container terminal area with 4 container berths, but high performance and advanced technology. It has 12 gantry cranes with a capacity of

      16,000 TEUs daily.

      Eurogate is part of the operation of the conglomerate, Eurogate. It has 6 berths with 19,000 TEUs daily handling capacity and a quay length of 2,080 meters. It offers services like cargo-modal, inter-modal, logistics management, etc.

      Container availability in Hamburg

      The port of Hamburg has one of the most advanced container terminals in the world with state-of-the-art designs and automation technology. With high-performance container handling, this port is fast, efficient, and reliable.

      You can find containers in Hamburg through our members at our online platform xChange. In the public search below, you can see where some of the xChange members are looking to get their containers moved to from the port of Hamburg.

      According to the Container Availability Index (CAx), the port is usually in a container deficit, making them tougher to find.

      The port usually remains busy because it is a major link between the Eastern and Central parts of the European continent accounting for about 25% of the interior shipping activities in Germany. In June 2020, the world’s largest container ship, HMM Algeciras (with a capacity of 24,000 TEUs) was called at the HHLA Container Terminal in Hamburg, planning to discharge about 8,500 containers.

      Offering a range of services like cargo handling, port transfers, inland terminal operations, repairs and maintenance, temporary storage of containers, and even drone operations, the port of Hamburg is one of the most technologically advanced and green ports in the world, with a productive and logical infrastructure and excellent transport services.

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