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      About the port

      The Port of Dubai is the world’s largest man-made port and the 9th largest container port in the world with a handling capacity of more than 22 million TEUs.

      The port is known for its advanced facilities in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, cargo handling, maritime services, and even has a free trade zone at one of its container terminals. Around 10% of the global container traffic is handled efficiently by the Port of Dubai. It is operated by DP World, formed by the merger of Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Ports International.

      The terminals

      With 3 container terminals located at Jebel Ali, Port Rashid and Al Hamriya, the Port of Dubai claims to be the best Container Terminal Operator port in the world.

      Jebel Ali Port or “Mina Jebel Ali” is the biggest port in the Middle East. Operated by DP World, it opened for business in 1979 and has been voted “Best Seaport – Middle East” for 24 consecutive years. Having over 1 million square meters of container yard space, it has great space for cargo handling and storage. This is the only port equipped to handle Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCV) with more than 18,000 TEUs of capacity. It recently welcomed HMM GDANSK, one of the world’s largest container vessels, on its maiden visit.

      With 3 container terminals, it has more than 100 quay cranes, 28 berths, and a collective handling capacity of 19-22 million TEUs. Offering 80 weekly shipping services and connecting more than 150 ports globally, the Jebel Ali port is one of the most technologically advanced ports handling all types of cargo and containers. Located in this port is the free trade zone: Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) – offering free business setup opportunities.

      Port Rashid is named after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (father of the current Sheikh of Dubai). It opened for operations in 1972 and is a multipurpose port – handling both passenger and cargo traffic. This is the only port in the Middle East to have ISO-9002 accreditation and Security Certificate of Excellence issued by the International Maritime Security (IMS).

      It specializes in handling non-containerized cargo vessels, especially break-bulk, and RoRo carries. With its proximity to Dubai’s used car market, the port is one of the major points for car export and trading. It is also the world’s leading cruise port and is home to the vessel Queen Elizabeth 2.

      Al Hamriya is the traditional cargo gateway to Dubai and one of the smaller ports. It plays a key role in facilitating trade between the Arabian Gulf, East Africa, and the Indian subcontinent because of its ideal location closer to the city centre. It can easily handle different types of vessels from wooden dhows to RoRo ships and break-bulk vessels. It can also berth more than 190 fishing vessels making it a preferred choice by the fishing industry.

      Container availability in Dubai

      Located in a strategic position, the port of Dubai is a hub of business and trade globally. It is a key part of the economic developments in the Middle Eastern region. One of the most advanced ports, it is equipped with the latest technology and automation to improve operational efficiencies.

      With world-class infrastructure and multimodal connectivity, the port offers transport facilities by rail, road, and air. Etihad Railway is well-connected with Jebel Ali Port making the cargo transit smoother and the supply chain more efficient. With the recent opening of the sea-air logistics corridor, this port has become one of the finest logistics hubs in the Middle Eastern region.

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      According to the Container Availability Index (CAx), the port is usually in containers excess, making them relatively easier to find.

      The port offers a comprehensive range of services for traders, shipping agents, forwarders, haulers, etc. which include maritime services, cargo handling, port transfers, repairs and maintenance, terminal operations, cargo clearance, haulage services, invoicing & payments services, warehousing, and even Free Trade Zone service.

      Having state-of-the-art facilities and a unique geographical location, the port of Dubai is one of the most economically dynamic regions, forming an essential link in the global supply chain and trading network.

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