This is a container ship carrying one-way containers

Container Insurance
online with xChange

Insure your container against total loss and mysterious
disappearance for up to 60 days starting at $2,5! Check
rates here and request a callback for more information

FAQ Container Insurance 

Insurance process 

Send us your container numbers via email and get a the certificate within 24 hours. You can either only insure one container or send us a whole list of container numbers! We insure every container type with a renowned German shipping insurance broker once we received your payment.

What does the insurance cover?

The container insurance has global coverage for total loss, constructive total loss and mysterious disappearance.

How can I trust xChange?

Container xChange is the leading marketplace in container logistics and facilitates everything related to SOC containers for more than 300 members.

How to claim your insurance?

Claiming a total loss also happens by reaching out to, a surveyor will then be tasked with assessing the damage and accepting the claim. For more details, please view the xChange Insurance Policy Scheme document.

How long is it valid? 

The insurance is valid for one-way moves up to 60 days after pick-up (per container). The insurance will be automatically renewed after 60 days unless the containers are reported as empty returned.

How much does the insurance cost?

For standard containers our insurance starts at $ 2.5 (DV 2,500.00 USD), for Reefers from $5.00 (12,000.00 USD) on and 40 HCs would cost $3.30 (3,300.00 USD) per container. See our rate sheet for more information!

Why do I need an insurance?

Anything could happen to your shipping container – for example could empty space result in your cargo shuffling or potential moisture damage. When damage or loss occurs, shippers and container owners might be in a financial dilemma. More than 1500 containers get lost at sea every year, better be prepared!