If you are looking for WWT shipping container for sale, you’re at the right place. In this piece, we’ll give you an overview of the various conditions you may come across along with the best deals. This blog will make you ready for what you can expect while thinking of investing in WWT shipping containers.

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What is a Wind and Water Tight shipping container?

Before we get into the nuances of Wind and Water Tight (WWT) shipping containers, let’s understand what exactly it means. 

As the word implies, a shipping container is considered wind and water tight if no wind or water gets through the container. WWT shipping containers usually refer to a used shipping container that’s approximately 10-15 years old. 

If you’re looking for a WWT shipping container for sale, expect it to have dents and rust. However, this doesn’t mean that the container isn’t in good condition and is not WWT. It simply means that there are no cracks and holes, the floor is in good condition, and door seals are intact. These guarantees that the goods you plan to store will be safe from water, rodents, and theft. 

A simple experiment can ensure it’s WWT. If you’re to stand inside the container with the doors shut, you wouldn’t see any light. That’s your assurance.  

WWT container for sale

A WWT shipping container is typically used for general storage purposes. But it isn’t always cargo-worthy. This is because, unlike a new container, a used or second-hand box goes through many repairs for it to be a WWT container. 

A wind and water tight container is also used for local cargo transportation and sometimes as a shelter for construction site workers. Sometimes, they are used for shipping with valid CSC plate. 

20ft WWT shipping container for sale

WWT shipping containers are the most economical and functional boxes for your storage needs. Two of the most used and popular container types are the 20ft and 40ft containers

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xChange being a neutral platform for container owners and users, it helps the two parties find each other. This platform makes collaborations easier and efficient and connects global container logistics. 

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20ft WWT shipping container prices

Let’s look at the average highest and lowest price for a 20ft WWT shipping container. These prices are from the xChange platform.

20ft WWT container

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40ft WWT shipping container for sale 

Just like the 20ft containers, another popular container type worldwide is the 40ft containers. With the rise in demand for these container types, it can sometimes be overwhelming to look for one. But you needn’t worry; we’ve got your back! You can now purchase them easily on xChange. 

xChange offers a wide range of these containers with different grades. All you need to do is look for the box that best suits you and get it in a few simple steps.  

40ft WWT shipping container prices

Let’s have a look at the average price you may pay to buy a 40ft WWT shipping container on the xChange platform. 

40ft WWT container

Thanks to xChange’s market transparency, you can see the prices of all available containers in once place. The best part is, you can even compare these prices with each other. xChange offers the best deals from vetted partners, so you don’t waste your time searching online. 

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Used containers and the different conditions

A container is exposed to rigorous maritime activities. Hence, it’s common for a typically used container to have minor dents and surface rust. 

Here, it’s essential to understand that a container goes through various changes throughout its lifespan. This means that its conditions vary too. 

There’s no universal grading system to determine the condition of a container. Thus, shipping companies take into consideration the structure and aesthetics of a box.  

Let’s take a quick look at the different container conditions you can find: 

New or One Trip Container 

These containers are used just once before they reach their destination. Once they reach their destination, they are up for sale. One-trip containers are loaded with cargo once and make only a single trip. 

Cargo Worthy 

A cargo-worthy container carries a cargo-worthy or seaworthy certification. This means that these containers are deemed suitable for cargo transportation. A used container falls under this category. 


WWT containers are the most affordable and functional storage containers. Used containers are generally referred to as WWT too. It can have dents and surface rust but is  water and wind tight. Sometimes, they’re used for shipping with a valid CSC plate.

As Is  

Containers with the ‘As Is’ condition are damaged and no longer used for shipping goods. Sometimes they’re not even used as storage boxes. These containers have damaged walls, roof, floor, and even the door. They’re not considered WWT. 

You can read more about used containers and their different conditions in this blog post.  

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What else? You can even negotiate deals with these companies directly and get the best price. And if you want to know more, xChange allows you to discuss and determine the storage charges for the containers you’ve set your eyes on. It also makes sure all your transactions are in one place. 

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