At xChange, we work with the following classifications for conditions of the shipping container:


Cargo worthy

In short CW, means that the shipping container is deemed suitable for cargo transportation under TIR/UIC/CSC criterions. Another criterion is that the container meets all the standards set in its original specification. Typically, it also implies that the container has a valid CSC, which is a safety approval plate that containers used for international transport must have.

Food grade containers

The transport of food sets certain requirements for the shipping container, such as that it has never carried any toxic chemicals or products. Even though the food is packed in bags or similar and hence not in direct contact with the container, the mean of transportation has to be in food graded containers to avoid unnecessary contamination risks.

Brand new

On our platform, this condition applies to containers that are supplied as brand new from the manufacturing country and are needed to be sent to a specific location to be used or sold as one-trip containers.


Being short for The Unified Container Inspection & Repair Criteria for Steel Containers, it is designed at simplifying container interchanges and includes general requirements about acceptable – and non-acceptable damage, manufacturing defects, wear and tear, structural components and general information about the container.


Referring to the International Institute of Container Lessors condition stamps, IICL-5 is a variation of cargo worthy used for premium containers. In general, IICL criterions are known as the strictest for used containers.


by the same institute, IICL-6 is superseding the previous IICL-5.

If you want to check the status of your containers or the ones you want to use, you can book a surveyor on our platform.