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How VMR Lines turns speed into their biggest advantage when finding equipment on xChange

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Do you know who was the first Pakistani to introduce the regular NVO services in Europe from Pakistan? It was Rehan Khan, the CEO of VMR Lines 10-12 years ago. More than 15 employees work for him from Head Office in Karachi for UAE and Hong Kong registered entities to serve freight forwarders, consignees and shippers from all kinds of industries via their liner services with their own fleet of containers. VMR Lines operates in South East Asia, China, the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Europe. Apart from maintaining a great relationship with their clients, the professional commitment and favourable flexibility towards customers are the two most important aspects of VMR Lines’ success.

Improving the reputation of NVOCCs in Pakistan was Rehan’s main motivation when he started his own company with revolutionary thoughts. Additionally, many people are not aware of the benefits of working with NVOCCs; something Rehan wants to change. Offering competitive price is one part of their strategies, but superior customer services and issue resolution are equally important. “In case of problems at the POL or POD or situations in which detention charges escalate to huge sums, our job is to solve that problem” Rehan says, “even if that means we have to give a self-discount to loyal customers!”.

Why xChange? 

  • They get the release reference for 3rd party equipment within 5 minutes

  • With xChange, Rehan knows that the money will arrive on time

  • VMR Lines finds containers in more than 2500 locations

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Having equipment available in 2500 locations

“Even if you’re Maersk or CMA CGM, you cannot serve every client in every port of the world”, Rehan says “and as a smaller NVOCC we’re even more limited”. “Our global network of agents, shippers and consignees is great, but our equipment and service are limited to a few ports only. If these people now reach out to us and I have to decline because we do not have containers available in their locations, I lose money and a client,” he explained.

In such a case, speed is everything! Reaching out to other parties or even buying equipment would take way too long. “If people reach out and I don’t get back to them within a few minutes or hours, chances are low that I get the deal!” Rehan stated.

At the Intermodal Europe 2016 in Rotterdam, it seemed like Rehan finally found a solution to his problems. “I remember when I met the xChange team at their conference stand and asked them hundreds of questions”, he said. “I did not sign straight away at the trade show, but invited my entire team at VMR Lines to join me for a second online demo to make sure everyone is fully convinced”, he continued. “In the end, joining xChange was the first thing I did after starting my own company because it helped me increase my service offerings and make more business easily!” he added.

“What surprised me in the beginning was how fast companies provide the release reference on xChange!”

Rehan Khan, VMR Lines

More deals in less time: Release reference within 5 minutes

“I started working on xChange on my own, first, to learn more and fully understand the platform until I passed it over to my team to look for good opportunities,” Rehan said. “With xChange we can now just add the ports where we have no or almost none equipment and find mostly traders or leasing companies that can help us out. What surprised me in the beginning was how fast companies provide the release reference on xChange!” Rehan continued.

Usually when he buys containers or organizes a one-way move from such traders where he doesn’t have credit facility it takes his partners days or sometimes even weeks – time that nobody has in an industry where it’s all about being first. Why? Because they always need the payment first. “This is where xChange found a great solution!” Rehan continued, “through offering payment handling services and reducing these bilateral bank transfers xChange saves everyone a lot of time. I cannot let my customers wait for days or weeks; with xChange, I can almost immediately get back to them with an offer!”.

How VMR Lines broadens their service offerings

At VMR Lines they, for instance, don’t have reefer containers or very limited special equipment which is sometimes a huge challenge. “But since xChange also covers other container types than 20DCs, 40DCs and 40HCs this is no problem for us anymore”, Rehan said. Even though not his entire business is on xChange, Rehan prefers to work with partners using the online platform where he had more than 30 transactions in the last 12 months for the following reasons:

  • They get the release reference for 3rd party equipment within 5 minutes

  • With xChange, Rehan knows that the money will arrive on time

  • xChange reduces his risk factors by covering damage & total-loss insurance

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