The SCAC code is an identification number for carriers in the US. With SCAC codes you can automate shipment updates and increase your efficiency.

Transparency and efficiency are essential variables in an excellent working supply chain. Computerized systems allow better management of needed paperwork and better communication between different companies. That’s where the SCAC code comes in. Paired with a computerized system, the codes help container logistics become more efficient and have more visible transactions. How does a SCAC code do that? Keep on reading

The SCAC code 101

SCAC stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code and is a unique 2 to 4-letter code. The SCAC code was developed in the 1960s to computerize information and to identify transportation in the US. The SCAC code is used to monitor across the transporting modes in motor, rail, and water.

Through the SCAC code, shipping documents are registered with a computer system. It’s documents such as freight bill, bill of lading, packing list, and purchase orders. This data allows regulation of transport services and facilitates information to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

With LTL or truckload shipping SCAC codes are standard for automated operations and creates greater efficiency and transparency. The SCAC code is obligatory within the US. They use the SCAC code in different industries like automobile, petroleum, forestry, railroad, and ocean container industries.

Using this code is overall essential in food and drug administration processes. It guarantees accurate and efficient monitoring in the country.

SCAC code examples

These SCAC codes are listed and can be viewed by everyone. The code can be obtained from the NMFTA (The National Motor Freight Traffic Association).

Let’s look at some examples of SCAC codes of a few of the biggest international carriers. The letters in bold is the SCAC code: 

  • MSCU – MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company 
  • CMDU – CMA CGM – Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement Compagnie Generale Maritime 
  • COSU – COSCO Container Lines 
  • HLCU – Hapag Lloyd Container Line
  • MAEU – Maersk Line 

SCAC codes and shipping EDI

As we mentioned before, you use SCAC codes together with a computerized system. This system is called EDI. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It’s a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between business partners and stakeholders. It allows a paperless transfer of important information in a common language between sender and receiver.

How EDI integration works with the help of SCAC code

You can share many kinds of documents via EDI. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Purchase orders,
  • Invoices,
  • Advance ship notices,
  • Bill of lading,
  • Customs documents,
  • Inventory documents,
  • Shipping status documents,
  • Payment documents.

When you use the EDI system, it reduces costs and errors. It improves efficiency and the relationship with business partners and replaces postal mail, fax, and email.

Who uses EDI in shipping logistics?

Freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, and customs officers are the most common companies that use the EDI system. You can use the EDI integration to automatically update ETAs, release statuses, and share documents. Different types of data are transferred with different methods of EDI. The most common in the industry are:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

Transferring files from one network to another. In the shipping industry, those files are e.g. the shipping data transmission.


Is used to communicate between sender and receiver of different countries and languages.

Whether you work at a container depot, are a freight forwarder or carrier, you know that updating customers is time-consuming. What’s the container release status? Any changes to the ETA? Have you updated the sales offers? Checked the leasing offers? And so the questions continue raining down on you.

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SCAC code and EDI integration

SCAC codes, EDI, and transparency

The logistics industry faces different challenges when it comes to efficiency and transparency. The synchronization and communication between the different parties within the supply chain is often a problem. That leads to insufficient traceability and end-to-end visibility. That’s one of the reasons for the SCAC codes in the 1960s.

The SCAC code and the EDI technology provide more transparency and efficiency. They ensure efficient communication due to the safe, fast, and fluid electronic exchange of data between sender and receiver. This is necessary for overseas exports because of the need to manage operations in shipping ports, customs, and more.

Internal management processes such as electronic transactions like orders, dispatch notices, or electronic invoices, can be processed without human intervention. Aside from the automation that minimizes human error, the standardized language prevents misunderstandings.

For carriers based in the US, SCAC codes make the transfer of those documents and information easier through EDI.

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SCAC code and EDI integration

SCAC Code | Create Automation, Efficiency and Transparency
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SCAC Code | Create Automation, Efficiency and Transparency
SCAC code is an identification number for carriers in the US. With SCAC codes you can automate shipment updates and increase your efficiency.
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