Container xChange is launching a new feature that aims to simplify processes and create more trust amongst users: You can now BOOK A SURVEYOR for a survey directly for any type of container, anywhere around the world.

In 4 easy steps members can provide all the information needed to conduct the survey – without sending multiple emails forth and back between the surveying company and themselves. xChange facilitates the process.

Step 1: Provide the amount, type and location of the containers you need surveyed. Multiple locations and types can be added


Step 2: Select the type of survey that shall be conducted. Users can select 3 survey types:

Condition Survey
This is typically used to verify whether the equipment meets a standard required and details any issues. Photos can be taken upon request.

Onhire Survey (includes 4-7 pictures per container)
This is the most normal inspection and the containers are inspected based on a provided criteria (IICL, UCIRC, Wind & Water Tight, Cargo Worthy, etc).

CSC Inspection (includes 4-7 pictures per container)
This is normally required when a container without a valid CSC plate or outside ACEP and is needed for the container to enter into terminals and loaded on vessels.


Step 3: If users already know the specific depots, they can provide the information. This makes the process even simpler and faster.

Step 4: User can confirm the provided information and request a quote from xChange. Once the quote is confirmed, the survey will be conducted!

About xChange

xChange is the world’s first online platform for container logistics – we connect users and suppliers of container equipment in a neutral platform. xChange now has more than 250 member companies and facilitates more than 300 000 containers globally across more than 2500 locations. Thereby, xChange helps companies such as the world’s biggest carriers, leasing companies, traders and NVOCCs/ forwarders to find or reposition their containers.