Success Story: Oceanbox Containers

How Oceanbox decreased their customer response time from weeks to minutes using xChange

Oceanbox Containers’ main business is the supply of shipping containers on a global scale. “It is simply a demand-based business”, says Amanda Mallia, Sales & Purchasing Director at Oceanbox. “If our clients have demand for equipment, we look for effective solutions to provide quality equipment in their required POD’. Currently, Amanda works with a team from their trading offices in Malta, Italy and Cyprus. The most essential part for Oceanbox is delivering the requested units on time and at the best possible price, something that is only possible for Amanda and her team if they find serious and diligent partners to use their equipment. “Empty repositioning is not quite an option for us. Our strength is our global logistic spread”.

“To achieve this with maximum client satisfaction and fewer complications, we had to look for a trustworthy logistic partner that provides real-time solutions!”. Oceanbox differentiates from its competitors by offering excellent and effective communication. ”We’re very much on the ball, we’re trying to answer everyone within a few hours, stipulate realistic terms in the beginning of our negotiations and keep to our end of the deals”, says Amanda Mallia. “Organizing one-way moves was always very chaotic and took us weeks to close, it was clear that we needed to find an efficient solution to keep expanding!”.

Why xChange? 

  • Find users who reposition our containers on time to where our customers are with only a few clicks because speed is very important in our industry

  • Having the safety that containers arrive on time and in good condition with a reliable and trustworthy container user vetted by xChange

  • Being able to resolve challenges with the xChange customer success team which is always there to support when things get complicated

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Finding new partners can take weeks, with xChange it does not

“Our biggest problem was we could not reach out to users”, said Mallia. “We tried a few platforms and solutions to solve the empty container repositioning problem, but they were either not easy to use or only had outdated data”, she continues. The entire process of finding new partners was rather difficult for Oceanbox.

“It was very chaotic!”, Mallia continued. Oceanbox had no solution in place except for a few slot companies that asked them to provide units in a few locations. “But we had no control over the units, sometimes they did not arrive, were too late or at a different port” Mallia proceeds, “we left our customers waiting for weeks and could not deliver”. Oceanbox even tried another online solution to avoid empty container moves but cancelled their membership after the first week. “ We looked at it and thought: no, it makes no sense at all … “, said Mallia.

xChange was very easy to use from the beginning on

With xChange, the neutral online platform in container logistics, Amanda Mallia finally found a solution that makes moving containers around the globe easy for Oceanbox. Especially three things convinced her of xChange: the transparency, the safety xChange provides and the customer service team which is available 24/7 to resolve issues.

“Trust and reliability are very important for us and since a few months ago we only lease out units to users on xChange because of the safety net the platform provides!”

amanda mallia oceanbox Amanda Mallia, Oceanbox


“When I have units to reposition, I just type in my pickup and drop-off location and xChange gets us a list of users within seconds”, says Mallia. That’s a huge advantage, Mallia can now get back to her customers within a few minutes and tell them if Oceanbox can sell containers or not. “Even if there are challenges, the customer success team always finds a way to make things work”, Mallia emphasized, “Using xChange, we could expand our business and deliver more containers on time to our customers all around the world!”.

xChange is our safety net

Reliability and trust are big words in an industry which lacks transparency. “xChange creates a safety net for us at Oceanbox”, Mallia concluded, “I can also find partners outside of xChange but chances are high that I don’t see my units ever again!” The huge database of potential partners and locations make xChange more concrete and “knowing that xChange always controls a situation makes us feel better”, Mallia said.

It makes sense that Oceanbox now saves a lot of time and moves more containers at a higher speed to their global customer base. Over time and hundreds of transactions later, xChange has become our main contributing factor in the success of Oceanbox. Even if they have better offers outside of xChange, Oceanbox always prefers to work with users on xChange!

Oceanbox’ results:

  • 154 repositioning deals with 15 new partners on xChange in the last year

  • More business and weeks saved through transparency on xChange

  • The safety that containers arrive on time and in good condition

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