No, xChange only acts as a neutral clearinghouse and „information broker“ between companies. Companies are ultimately responsible for insuring their boxes in an appropriate manner and should agree on procedures in case of damage and/or loss before agreeing on a transaction. However, xChange offers two options for added security: (1) A transaction security scheme, whereby some companies may provide a bank guarantee to secure the value of any containers they use from other xChange users. In certain circumstances, these funds may be released to a container supplier where the container user damages or fails to return the containers. Please contact us for full terms and conditions and a bank guarantee template to provide to your bank. (2) A transaction-specific container insurance, giving members the opportunity to book additional insurance for the containers within a transaction. This can be imagined like a “travel insurance policy” that can be booked on top of your regular flight fare. Please contact us for full terms and conditions. On top of the above, xChange strives to provide a secure and trustworthy platform for all its users—an integrated rating system and comprehensive information about other member companies aim to add to mutual trust.