Container tracking used to be time-consuming and frustrating. On top of that, you can’t always be sure to actually be able to track the containers. That’s not how it should be. At xChange we’ve developed a smart container tracking solution that saves time, creates transparency, and is easy to use.

In theory, tracking your container should be done in a matter of seconds, right?

Usually, you type the container number and get the information you’re looking for. But you don’t have anywhere to save that data. So, every time you want to check up on the containers you have to find and type the container numbers once again. At xChange, you type the number in once. We then store the information and update you automatically.

With our premium container tracking system, My Fleet, you’ll find all the information on containers at the same place. And you’ll get tracking alerts e.g. when the container is close to arriving at its destination or if something looks strange.


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Being able to keep track of containers is essential. It’s the only way to be able to properly plan pick-up time and communicate a change of plans if the containers are e.g. delayed on ship. The importance of container tracking systems is a force to be reckoned with. This is why tracking systems should be there to help and ease the work for container users and suppliers. Keep on reading, and we’ll tell you how our container tracking solution, My Fleet, can save you time and frustration!

Missing containers and constricting ads

On many sites, container tracking is a cumbersome process. Often the search for your containers starts on an ad-based tracking website. Here, you type in your unit number and get forwarded to one of the carrier’s websites. Once there, you again type in the number. On a good day, you’ll find information on the whereabouts of the container. On a bad one, you’re left in the dark.

And with that cheerful thought, you can continue the manual tracking of the rest of your containers. With varied success.

It’s not much of a smooth process. Searching on sites that look old and feel like they’re from the 80s. Aggregating and collecting the information you need every day takes a lot of time. And if you don’t pay attention, you accidentally click on an ad because they’re all over most of the container tracking websites.

But it’s important to haul the container tracking systems out of the past and into the present. Where they can be more effective and provide better information – faster. With that in mind, Container xChange has developed a smart container tracking solution. The purpose: We want to help the members of xChange become more effective, save time, and gain transparency.

An all-in-one container tracking solution

Imagine all the information you were looking for on your containers were in the same place. That would ease the burden of manually searching container after container.

Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer.

At xChange, our vision is to challenge the status quo. That is why we have developed My Fleet. My Fleet is a container tracking system that’s integrated with the transport or equipment management system you’re using. It’s add-free and easy to use.

With My Fleet, you can monitor containers and manage your releases. You can easily add containers. After you’ve done that, My Fleet automatically updates itself and stores the data for you. That’s container tracking made easy!

MyFleet tracks your fleet

With My Fleet, you finally have all your pickup and drop-off references in one place. Together with an overview of all the containers you use or supply. At xChange you can track containers across carriers. In effect, having your entire fleet tracked all at the same place.

At xChange, the containers are tracked through several channels. The information is gathered from carrier websites, depots, terminals, carrier reports, and xChange forecasts.

The best thing about My Fleet is that it shows tracking alerts and sends you notifications. You don’t have to worry about anything. The pick-up and drop-off references are all in one place. You’ll also find ETAs, container moves as well as shipping details.

With My Fleet, you can even track containers outside of xChange. You can integrate them with your equipment management systems or just export the data as a CSV or excel file. On our dashboard, you can search for locations, container numbers, partner, releases… whatever you want – the system always shows you the data you want to see, up to the single container.

Whether you use or supply containers, My Fleet is here to ease your work burden – and give you a better overview of the containers.

MyFleet for container users

For both freight forwarders and others who use containers, there are features made specially to help you. We’ll mention some of them here. You can easily get an overview of all containers, and you don’t have to do anything, because we send tracking alerts. Something that has been difficult until now, requiring a lot of manual work. This, you won’t have to do. My Fleet does it for you.

The same goes for the tracking information. Everything is gathered on one page. Providing you with the overview of your fleet, so you can make the best business decisions.

Another important feature in our container tracking system is the overview of when your free days run out. This gives you the chance to contact the consignee in case the containers haven’t been returned. That way you can avoid demurrage and detention charges.

All this tracking data can help you to easier and better communicate with your customers!

If you would like to figure out more about how My Fleet can help you, click on the banner below and schedule a demo!

MyFleet for container owners

As there are features targeted containers users, My Fleet also has features especially helpful for leasing companies and container traders. Instead of checking every carrier’s website, you only have to go to one site. My Fleet. Here you’ll find the tracking information that you need.

Finding a specific deal and container positioning is easier than ever; the search tool allows you to search specifically with any information such as a partner, container number, contract or release, and port of destination.

To make everything easier for you, we’ve also ensured that information such as pick-up and drop-off references are all in one place.

Using My Fleet you’ll get a tracking alert in case something changes. For instance, if a container goes to the wrong location or has not arrived at the destination.

You will also receive alerts if a container is off-hired in the wrong destination. But you won’t just get alerts if something is wrong. You’ll also get them when things are going as planned. Such as when a container is close to arriving at the destination.

If you would like to learn more about how My Fleet can ease your work, click the banner below and schedule a demo!

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Container tracking for more transparency and better fleet visibility 

But the best is yet to come!

My Fleet makes your life easy and tells you exactly what to do. It might be a pick-up reminder, the return schedule, or something third. My Fleet does the thinking for you.

It also has all the needed documents such as pick-up release or drop-off reference in one place for you!

If you’re really into container logistics, My Fleet is the only smart container tracking solution that does the work for you. Reduce the cumbersome, manual work, and use the additional time to focus on your core business.

With My Fleet, tracking is now fully automated, smart, and fun! If you’re interested in upgrading your container tracking system, feel free to get in touch anytime!

Container tracking | ETAs, Container Moves & Shipping Details
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Container tracking | ETAs, Container Moves & Shipping Details
Container tracking isn't following the times. xChange developed a container tracking solution that saves time, creates transparency, and is easy to use.
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