Buying or leasing containers at the best price is important. And if you’ve stopped here, we guess you think the same way. Well, you are at the right place. Learn more about how you can lease or buy containers effortlessly from SeaCube, one of the leading companies that buy, sell, manage, and lease shipping containers. In this article, you’ll also get an overview of the current market price (2021) for leasing containers. Read on.

Leasing containers is ideal for short-term or one-time shipping. However, leasing a container that suits your requirement at a great price can be challenging. Thus, xChange has a solution for you. For companies such as SeaCube, leasing out or buying containers is now an effortless experience with xChange. Also, SeaCube has depots located across the world. This ensures users can find equipment easily. Keeping both these points in mind, leasing containers is a cakewalk for many with SeaCube. 

What is SeaCube Container LLC?

SeaCube is currently one of the largest operating lessors of containers in the world. Its history dates back to 1993 with the formation of Carlisle Container Leasing. This was acquired by Fortress Funds in 2006. In 2007, it was again acquired by Interpool Containers and renamed as SeaCastle. After three years, in 2010, the company went public.

SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey with offices in Europe, Asia, and America. This company is a global leader in refrigerated equipment. It owns approximately 1.2 million TEUs. SeaCube buys, sells, manages, and leases intermodal shipping containers. Today, they offer both new and used dry steel containers.

If you are reading this, it’s a brownie point to know that SeaCube also leases containers through xChange together with many other container owners. You can read more about the top 10 leasing companies right here.

Now that you’ve got an overview of SeaCube Container LLC, isn’t it better to explore how you can lease a container personally? xChange helps you do that. Experience a hassle-free leasing process at your fingertips from the comfort of your home.

Get a sneak-peek into how many containers are available where you need them. All you have to do is click “I want to use containers” and put in your preferred pick-up and drop-off location. Immediately you’ll get a list of containers available for that stretch. Try it for free 👇

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SeaCube container leasing

SeaCube is a known global leader in the intermodal equipment leasing market. It’s often considered as a refrigerated equipment leasing specialist. This is primarily because of the advanced and environmentally-friendly refrigerated containers SeaCube deals with.

There is a wide variety of container types SeaCube leases out. Known as a promising player when it comes to refrigerated equipment leasing, SeaCube deals with insulated refrigerated containers. These containers are designed to carry temperature-sensitive goods. For example, food, meat, medicines, flowers, confectionery, and so on. At SeaCube, 20ft reefer and 40ft HC reefer are popular picks.

Apart from reefers, they also provide dry containers, open-top containers, flat racks, and specialized/customized equipment.

These containers are ideal to carry any type of dry goods. Some examples are bulk materials, boxed goods, oversized industrial equipment, auto parts, and so on.

Moreover, dry containers are also used for storage purposes for tools, equipment, and inventory. In many places, these containers are used as portable offices and on construction sites. At SeaCube, 20ft dry containers, 40ft standard containers, and 40ft HC dry containers are popular picks.  

You’ll find many of these container types on Container xChange. A few of the most common container types are the 20ft dry container, the 40ft dry container, and high cube containers. There are also containers you can lease for your special cargoes such as reefers, side doors, and open-top containers.

If you want to lease containers and experience a hassle-free process. Click the banner below for more details.

Seacube leases containers through the trading platform on xChange

SeaCube top-rated by peers

xChange provides public profiles for all its members, this helps partners rate each other. This ultimately helps future partners make an informed decision before choosing a company.


Seacube container leasing peer review

SeaCube has earned a prominent place among its customers. And this is seen on their public profile displayed on xChange. It’s standing at a 4.8 rating and lauded with positive reviews by its business partners. With most reviews describing SeaCube as reliable, professional, great at customer service, it sure has built the much-needed trust.

Want to see more? Jump straight to Seacube’s profile now. 

How much does it cost to lease a container?

Leasing is an ideal option if you are looking for short or one-time shipments. However, one of the biggest advantages is the operational flexibility it gives.

Now, it’s essential to understand that container leasing rates vary depending on where you lease them from and to. The location of the container plays a major part in deciding the rate. Container availability and demand determine the amount you’ll have to shell out while leasing. Thus, it’s advisable to always remarket the equipment at or near the place the box is located. Equipment condition too influences this cost at times.

Leasing a container depends on the market situation of a certain location. The average cost of leasing can start from USD $65 per TEU.

On that note, did you know that on some stretches, you actually get paid to move the container? How cool is that!

Yes, one-way leasing on locations such as Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Finland will earn you some extra cash. Let’s have a look at how much you can earn (in USD). Hungary (USD $440), Poland (USD $410), Lithuania (USD $378), Kazakhstan (USD $350), and Finland (USD $258). You can learn more about the one-way leasing rates worldwide and how they differ, right here

Looking for container leasing opportunities? Get an overview here

Seacube and Container xChange

If you’re looking to lease your next containers, finding a platform that gives you market transparency is important. xChange provides you exactly that. Many container leasing companies such as SeaCube use this platform to lease out containers with ease.

SeaCube uses xChange to:

  • Avoid empty container repositioning
  • Grow their customer base in new locations
  • React to market trends on time
  • Gain instant market transparency

SeaCube also makes the most out of the deals on:

  • More free days, per diem charges, pick-up credits, and zero back and forth emails.
  • Insurance and surveying.

Seacube container leasing and other trustworthy companies

Just like SeaCube, there are many other leasing companies who are members at xChange.

xChange’s one-way leasing platform provides a repositioning solution. And helps businesses connect with leasing companies you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Not just this, xChange follows a very strict vetting process for all its members. This means that there are only certified partners on the platform.

Here are some of the other advantages that leasing members enjoy with xChange:

  • They find the best fit from more than 600 certified partners in more than 2,500 locations.
  • Easy access to available equipment and gain instant market transparency.
  • Increase operational flexibility with SOC containers.
  • Avoid empty container repositioning.
  • Grow its customer base in new locations.
  • Automate the operational handling.
  • React to market trends on time.
  • Get paid for sure and on time.
  • Enjoy automated and safe transactions with zero error.
  • Get instant notification on transactions.
  • Enjoy insurance in addition.

If you want to increase your flexibility, save time, money and enjoy these benefits the next time, xChange can help! 

Container leasing through xChange

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