Unified Inbox

From now on, there is a central unified inbox that allows any user to see all his requests in a single page. A search-bar allows the user to search through all his requests to find what he/she is looking for.


Many users indicated that they have difficulties to find requests and deliberately asked for a single unified inbox that allows them to search for their requests.

Auto time-out requests

New Requests in version 1 now have a countdown. Once the countdown runs out, the request declines itself automatically with the reasons “auto time out”.

How long is the countdown?

The countdown runs 168 hours (1 week). After 120 hours we trigger a notification that warns the addressee that the request is about to expire.

How can the countdown be stopped?

Only the addressee of a request can stop the countdown. The countdown stops after the first action an addressee conducts on the request (Chat, Accept, Edit, Decline, Upload, Invite Local Staff). If the countdown is stopped once, it won’t start again.

Can the requester influence the countdown?

Yes! Whenever the requester conducts an action on the request, the countdown is reset to its original time. So if 20 hours of countdown are left and the requester sends a chat message – the countdown starts over again.

Is the countdown displayed somewhere?

Yes, we show it in the head section of every request.